Weddings with Red Church

Here at Red Church we will ensure that the groom will receive expert guidance to help them stand out with style on their big day. Book an appointment today with our wedding suit cork specialist and let them take the stress out of what to wear on your big day.
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Our Services

  • Red Church offer a unique one to one private wedding consultation with all couples.
  • Red Church have new distinctive and unique brands that ensure the Groom will stand out from all the other Grooms in Munster.
  • Red Church also have very competitive groomsmen packages whereby we will guarantee that the groomsmen will compliment the groom .
  • Red Church include free alterations on all suits and can guarantee all suits to fit perfectly after adjustments
  • Most Wedding Suits are mix and match which enables us to ensure customers get the fit they want and are comfortable with.
  • Red Church provides both classical timeless looks with more contemporary twists to ensure your wedding party differ from all others.