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Formal Tuxedos – A Red Church Guide


Potentially, you may believe suits and tuxedos are quite similar. A tuxedo is not just … read more

Wedding Style Guide for 2021


Red Church has put together this informative guide to inspire you for that big day, helping you dress to impress. Now that the pandemic is nearly over, people want to … read more

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Why Choose Red Church for your Wedding?

  • Purpose-built ‘Groom Room’ in store
  • One-to-one private wedding consultations
  • Relaxed atmosphere in store with ‘groom first’ policy
  • Director with 20 years of experience fitting wedding parties
  • Collection featuring Ireland’s top wedding suit brands
  • Very competitive and unique groomsmen packages
  • Free alteration service available for all suits
  • Timeless wedding looks with contemporary twists