Wedding Style Guide for 2021


Red Church has put together this informative guide to inspire you for that big day, helping you dress to impress. Now that the pandemic is nearly over, people want to make a bigger impression. With more budget at their disposal, they are willing to splash out more on their wedding attire.

This year Red Church have noticed a new trend – groomsmen opting for neutral colours. With this trend, it means that groomsmen do not necessarily have to pick the same colour of bridesmaid’s dresses, whereas previously groomsmen matched their tie colour to the bridesmaid’s dresses.

While a huge focus of a wedding is on the bride, pressure still lies on the groom to scrub up well. No matter what your positioning is for the big day (groom, best man or guest), an impressive but comfortable outfit will really set you up for the event.


Most Popular Wedding Looks At The Moment



Benetti and Remus Uomo would be the two most popular wedding brands at the moment. Benetti (left image) carry razor-sharp cuts, crafted with the finest fabrics while being finished with debonair details. Remus Uomo (right image) are offered in a range of tapered, slim and x-slim fits, catering to all needs and desires.


Contrasting Looks



Breaking up colours in contrasting looks and more formal looks, can work quite effectively. As you can see, beige works great with a navy contrast.



The Julius jacket above showcases a beautiful contrast with a navy suit. It is classically tailored but brimming with character, bringing a contemporary look to smart tailoring. It is one which will certainly make its mark on the big day.

The Simon beige just launched this year. It is a brand new textured fabric. With its tweed effect and lightweight material, it is proving to be extremely popular this year.

With the navy contrasting pants, it uplifts the style with a bit of colour – which would help anyone make their mark. Grooms will certainly withhold a head-turning look with this style – capitalising on this seasons wedding trends.



The Simon grey is another popular navy and grey suit option.


Formal Tuxedo Styles


Red Church has noticed a massive shift in the formal elegant look. With the groom hoping to stand out on his big day, by wearing a tuxedo the groom will certainly make his mark, especially after the pandemic.


A sharp look will hold its own. If it is a sharp look you seek, look no further. Most people are under the impression that a tuxedo can only be purchased in the traditional black, but there is actually many other options. The Elton grey tuxedo look above is the ultimate choice, which will certainly make you set the standard and be remembered.




We have three colourways in the Remus Uomo velvet tuxedos. As shown above, we currently have velvet styles in a variety of colours – black, burgundy and dark blue, paired up with a grey pants for a stylish look. Burgundy at Christmas time is very popular, as it gives off a great look. The black and burgundy styles are extremely popular for winter weddings.


The Importance of a Great Fit


What does a great fit actually mean? Well, the clothing piece sits well on the body, meaning the issue of pulling up or pushing down sleeves is gone – you do not want to be fidgeting every few seconds, to try and overcome the uncomfortableness. Essentially, you are relaxed and not concentrating on adjusting all the time. A great fit certainly creates a sense of euphoria.

Aside from the style you seek, be it formalwear, casualwear or a mix and match, it is important you aim for an outfit suited to you. Although, with casualwear there can be some leeway in terms of sizing, the same does not apply to suiting. Tailoring an outfit will ensure an optimum fit and will bring its best look out on you. If the fit is not correct, that high quality clothing you are dreaming of will not look its best.

Now, fitting a wedding party is easy with both Benneti and Remus Uomo as they offer slim tapered and regular fits, to ensure the wedding party get the perfect fit every time. You can mix and match different fits, whether it is regular fits for Fathers or to fit a two year old page boy, there are sizes to suit comfort desires and varying age levels, while still conveying an impressive look.




Carefully selected accessories are like the “cherry on top”, giving you that extra edge to help stand out on the big day. These extra touches can be boostful, once used cautiously. A good remembrance to take with you is that it is better to have one striking accessory instead of having multiple accessories, which instead of complimenting the outfit, they compete with each other and give an “over the top” perception. In simple terms, “less is more”.

Be aware of the formality of the upcoming event – that can influence decisions about accessory choice, for instance it may be suitable to opt for a white rose instead of a silver pin. On that note, your partners decision involvement may be helpful – you know what they say, “team work makes the dream work”.

Many do not realise the extent of accessories available. Everyone knows about a tie being a must-have but do not forget about cufflinks, pocket square, belts, suspenders and personalised socks – how about getting them personalised with the date? There is huge scope to play with accessories – some can inject colours and patterns, which may be desired.


Red Church


Red Church has great competitive prices and offerings to take advantage of. The prices have come down so much that for four lads, it is such a brilliant present instead of the traditional wallet present – something that they will remember.


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