How Many Can Attend A Wedding?

COVID-19 And Weddings, Here Is All You Need To Know


Updated: 28/07/2021


COVID-19 has caused a number of restrictions to be deployed, since the start of the pandemic, to control the spread. Between different variants and restrictions, we know that this can cause uncertainty in peoples minds, which is why Red Church have decided to publish this blog. By continually referring to this blog, you can ensure that you receive the latest updates on wedding numbers. You can observe the point when this was last updated at the top.


The latest information which we can provide you, with respect to weddings is:

As of now: Up to 50 individuals can attend a wedding service. Wedding receptions can hold a maximum of 50 attendees. 

However, the number of people permitted to attend weddings will increase to 100 after the 5th of August.


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